On March 15th 2018, Michael Melillo was sworn in as a Board Trustee of San José Unified School District.  This filled a vacancy created when the previous trustee resigned. Here's some information about Michael:

engaged parent + Volunteer

Michael has two children in elementary school in San José Unified, and also coaches flag football and little league baseball teams. 

data scientist + customer advocate

Michael has spent the last twelve years working at Apple.  His job involves working in large, cross-functional teams and balancing multiple priorities. Michael's track record of strong results is due to his ability to collaborate with others.

Community Servant

For the past several years, Michael has served on the City of San José Library and Early Education Commission, and also volunteers as an adult literacy tutor.

Product of public education

With the exception of 6th grade, Michael has attended public schools and universities from kindergarten through college. He received his MBA from San José State University while working full-time at Apple.


Michael was born in New Haven, CT and grew up with his parents and three sisters in the suburb of Hamden. As a child, he loved to play sports, particularly baseball and hockey, which he participated in through high school. Michael learned the importance of education at an early age from this grandmother, Adeline Melillo, who always made sure that he was getting good marks in school. She also taught him the value of hard work, how to be responsible with your money, and the importance of spending time with your family.

While still in elementary school, the family got an Apple II computer, and Michael's love of technology was born. He began using the internet in high school, back in 1991, and has watched it mature from black and white text displays, to the streaming video we watch on our phones today. 

Michael went to college at the University of Massachusetts and met his future wife Stacy when she handed him a job application at an Apple store near Boston. The couple relocated to the bay area in 2007 when Michael accepted a new position with the company. After spending time in several apartments scattered across Santa Clara county, Michael and Stacy decided to purchase a home in the Cambrian neighborhood of San Jose in 2012. Michael and Stacy now have two children, ages 5 and 6, who attend Reed Elementary School and are proud Bobcats. 

Over the past few years, Michael has begun his journey into public service and volunteering. He will complete his first term on the San José Library and Early Education Commission (LEEC) in June of 2018. As a commissioner, Michael has had perfect meeting attendance, and has been a strong supporter of the Library's early education efforts such as "Wee Play San José" and the San José Bridge Libraries. The Bridge Libraries not only service young children, but also low socioeconomic status families that utilize both the library materials as well as the family resource center (FRC) at each location. He also successfully advocated for the removal of late fees on all youth materials from the SJPL by working with City Council.

In addition to the LEEC, Michael also became a volunteer Partners in Reading(PAR) adult literacy tutor. PAR tutors provide one-on-one instruction with adults who read and/or write below a 9th grade level. By spending time each week with an adult learner, Michael saw first hand how impactful community-based volunteer work can be on someone's life. It also re-ignited his passion for education, and started his investigation into ways he could impact more people's lives in a positive way.