What I stand for:

As a parent with two children attending school in the San Jose Unified School District, I care deeply about it's success. But what does success look like?

  • Start early: The earlier children begin their education, the more likely they are to succeed in life.  The district should continue to expand their relationships with early education organizations. The more preparation students have when they enroll, the better setup they are to excel.
  • A future-proof curriculum: We live in a fast-paced world with an increasingly dynamic economy.  The district must keep up with the ever changing world. As someone with almost 20 years of experience in the tech sector, I pledge to provide this oversight.  
  • Keep our students safe: Our children our precious, and also vulnerable.  We owe it to them to provide a learning environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

Who I am:

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— Donovan Mafnas, Impact Volunteer


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